T5W: August 9, 2017

Second Book is Best

When I saw the topic for this week’s T5W I was pretty excited. I thought it would be easier than it turned out to be. But, as it turns out, second books are usually my least favorite in a series. It seems that 25% of the time, the series gets better, with the second book, being the second best and the third being my favorite. Another 25% of the time the series goes down hill with the second book being again the second best, but the third being my least favorite and the first one being the best (looking at you Divergent). The other 50% of the time, second books are just pretty meh. So, this week I’m making this a top three because I couldn’t find another one that truly fit into it.

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T5W: August 2, 2017

 Book Covers You’d Live In

I love book covers. Obviously. The words “book cover” are even in my blog’s name. As such, I talk about book covers a lot. I talk about the ugly ones, the pretty ones, the ones that are misleading, the ones thank God they changed, and the ones that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Still, I must admit, that it has never occurred to me talk about the ones I would want to live in. It has never occurred to me to live in a book cover in the first place. But, now that it has, let’s see what I come up with in my top five.

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T5W: July 26, 2017

Series That Got Better

Every once in a while you start reading a book and find out that it’s completely meh. Sometimes it’s a little better, other times, a little worse. Then you read the sequel and your jaw completely drops because you did not expect it to be nearly as good as it was. Then you continue the series and every book just blows the previous one out of the water, each being a little more awesome, a little more mind blowing.

This is a situation that happens to me a lot. And these are some of the series it has happened to me with.

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T5W: July 19, 2017

Books That Aren’t Set In/Inspired By The Western World

It’s kind of sad that while looking at all of my books, like 90% take place in, or are inspired, by the western world.  Even more sad that several of those that aren’t, haven’t been that good (I’m looking at you Tiger’s Curse). We need more diverse authors, and we need more authors willing to step out of their comfort zones and write about diverse settings and topics. Either way, here we go.

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T5W: July 12, 2017

Children’s Books

I must admit, I don’t read very many children’s books. I must also admit that of the ones I’ve read, very few make it to my list of favorites. Sure, I’ve read the Percy Jackson series, which I love, but this list is made to bring light to less popular children’s books. It also doesn’t help that I hated reading as a child and therefore did not read many of them back then. So, let’s see what I can come up with.

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T5W – July 5, 2017

Books Without Romance

I haven’t done a Top 5 Wednesday in a long while, and of course the one I choose to jump back in with is the hardest one. Looking at the books I’ve read (most of which are YA), there are very, very few that do not have romance in it. And even fewer which I could consider to be favorites of mine to be included in a top five. Seriously, all my favorites have romance, from Twilight, to Six of Crows, to Wuthering Heights. Still, after combing through my books on Goodreads, I did manage to find a few. Continue reading

T5W – April 26, 2017

Authors I Want to Read More From

Sometimes you read a book and think, I need to read everything this person has ever written! Usually, though, you awkwardly forget and don’t read anything from that person again. Other times there are authors that you have read much from, but still want more, until you truly have read everything they have ever written. These are the authors that I want to read more from, and yet, haven’t.

Let’s get to this.

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