Pride & Prejudice Book Tag 2.0!

What’s up y’all! I’ve been tagged by Laura @The Book Corps to do this super awesome tag! As you may, or may not know, I love doing book tags, and this one came at the perfect time! Anyway, Laura has a ton of other great content on her blog, like reviews , tags, and discussions to name a few, and I recommend checking her out! Also, she loves Pride & Prejudice, which was why I was not at all surprised when it was she who tagged me, also when I saw that she was one the people who collaborated to create this tag! How fun is that?

Anyway, without further talking from me, let’s get tot it!

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Unique Blogger Award #3!!

I am back with yet another one! This is the third time I have been nominated for this award and I thank all of you who have nominated me. Seriously, I never get tired of doing these and answering all of the awesome questions people come up with. I get excited every time I see one of these with my name on it, they are just so much fun and it means the world to me that you guys think of this blog in your nominations. Thank you all, once more!

This time around I was nominated by Imane @Booksaccino, so thank you so, so much Imane for nominating me! You all should go check out her very lovely blog, I highly recommend it and promise you will not regret it!

Now, moving on to the questions!

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The Unique Blogger Award #2!!

So, I was nominated twice for this award! You all may have noticed that I posted a Unique Blogger Award not too long ago and that is because I was lucky enough to be nominated twice! The first time was by Grace @Grace Gets Books and you can find that post HERE.

This time I was nominated by Sumaya @Sue’s Reading Corner. Thank you so much, Sue, you are too awesome for words! Also, I loved the questions you asked! I had a great time answering them!

Now, let’s get to it!

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One Lovely Blog Award!


Hello, again! I’m back with yet another tag! I’m slowly making my way through everything and this is the next step. Don’t worry, I’m getting there!

Anyway, I was nominated for this award by the lovely Laura @The Book Corps.  Go check out her blog, it’s super fun and has awesome content, great tags, and fantastic reviews. Seriously, go check her out HERE!

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