We Read YA

Young Adult fiction has become a very popular topic in the past few years, as well as a very controversial one. Some hate it, others love it. Some love to hate it, others hate to love it.

By many, Young Adult is looked down on, thought of as ‘lesser’, or ‘unworthy’. Why is that? Who has dictated what we can and cannot read, what is proper and improper. As an English major, I have seen many people scoff at YA, arguing that the only books worth reading are the 100-year-old classics we are assigned. I have nothing against the classics, in fact, I love them. Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite novels. It is one of those books that they all brag about, with no fear of parading it around in public. What I do not understand is why my other favorites (The Grisha Trilogy, The Iron Fey, Throne of Glass, even Twilight), must be shunned, hidden because they are not ‘high class literature’ as a professor once called them. Continue reading “We Read YA”