Best Covers of 2016

Every day this week I will be going through lists of my favorite, and least favorite, things this year. To start it off I am going through my favorite book covers of 2016. These are the covers that caught my eye and filled my mind with wonder, regardless of what lay inside. As we are The Book Cover Girls, we are judging this based solely on covers, whether or not we liked the book. These covers are not necessarily for books that were released in 2016, but rather, books that I read in 2016. Continue reading

Cover Changes Done Right

If anyone is like me, you like having matching covers. I am the type of person who will go out of my way to have matching cover editions and formats (hardcover, paperback, etc.). Whenever a book cover changes its cover design I die a little on the inside as the knowledge that I will not have a matching set settles over me. Other times, such as these, I rejoice because let’s be honest, there are some great books with some seriously hideous covers out there. These are cover changes done right.  Continue reading