T5W – April 26, 2017

Authors I Want to Read More From

Sometimes you read a book and think, I need to read everything this person has ever written! Usually, though, you awkwardly forget and don’t read anything from that person again. Other times there are authors that you have read much from, but still want more, until you truly have read everything they have ever written. These are the authors that I want to read more from, and yet, haven’t.

Let’s get to this.

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T5W – April 5, 2017

Top Science Fiction / Fantasy Books on My TBR

I have been trying really hard to get into fantasy books lately because I think that there so many good ones out there that get ignored by mainstream readers. Science fiction too, although a bit less enthusiastically. Hopefully, I can get through all of these books before the years ends.  You know, probably.

All of these are books that have been on my list for years now but, because I am me, I have never actually gotten to them, despite having had both the time and possibility to do so. But, ain’t nobody got no time for regret, so moving on!

Without further ado, these are the top science fiction/fantasy novels I most want to read.

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T5W – March 29, 2017

Books That Will Become Future Classics

Mark Twain once said that a classic was a book that everyone praised and no one read. To us, they are the lengthy victorian novels or old-timey behemoths to which we find very little with which to relate. But, they weren’t always like that. Like all books, the classics were once shiny and new, read by eager book lovers as the up and coming releases. So, which of the books that are new and shiny to us will our great grandchildren be reading in school?

Let’s find out!

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T5W – March 15, 2017

Book You Felt Betrayed By

Betrayals come in different forms, big and small. Sometimes books betray us b advertising themselves as one thing, while truly being another. Sometimes they betray us by throwing us a curveball halfway through a series. Other times, it’s the characters themselves the betray us, fooling us and twisting our emotions. Sometimes the betrayal is real when a character you thought was good turns out to be the biggest baddie of them al. It doesn’t matter the way, the point is that at some point or another each and every one of us has been terribly betrayed by books or book characters. These here are those books.

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