Pride & Prejudice Book Tag 2.0!

What’s up y’all! I’ve been tagged by Laura @The Book Corps to do this super awesome tag! As you may, or may not know, I love doing book tags, and this one came at the perfect time! Anyway, Laura has a ton of other great content on her blog, like reviews , tags, and discussions to name a few, and I recommend checking her out! Also, she loves Pride & Prejudice, which was why I was not at all surprised when it was she who tagged me, also when I saw that she was one the people who collaborated to create this tag! How fun is that?

Anyway, without further talking from me, let’s get tot it!

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Ouran High School Host Club Book Tag!

Hello, hello! I was tagged by Rendz @Reading with Rendz to do this wonderfully fun tag a few weeks ago, and because I am me, and I get lazy sometimes, I am just doing it now. Anyway, I loved Ouran High School Host Club! I used to read the manga back in the day, but sadly never finished it. I also have to get my crap together and start the TV show one of these days. In the mean time, I guess I’ll just settle for the tag. So, without further ado, let’s do this thing!

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To Not To Read Tag!!

Hello, hello! I have been tagged! Thank you so much to the Orangutan Librarian for tagging me in this super fun tag about DFN’d books. Also, go check out their blog cause it’s amazing, and filled with awesome things like this!

Anyway, this tag is one that I am super happy to do because there is nothing I like more than talking about things I don’t like. And there are a lot of books I don’t like. A lot of which I have had to leave half way through for fear that the boredom would kill me.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with this thing!

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The Greek Gods Book Tag!!

Hello, hello! I have been tagged by Zuky @The Book Bum to do this super fun tag. I have always been fascinated with Greek mythology so when I saw this, I got super excited to do it. This tag was created by Zuky herself so you can go to her blog to check out the original post! Now, with out further ado, let’s do it!

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