Coming on Tuesday – August 2017

Exciting August 2017 YA Releases 

It’s a known fact that for some odd reason, that I have yet to understand, books are almost always released on Tuesdays. Seriously, why is that? But anyway, all it means to me is that Tuesdays are a day of excitement, however much my wallet might protest. So, since August is here, and it holds five amazing Tuesdays, I figured I might share some of my most anticipated releases for the month.

These obviously aren’t all the August releases, just the ones that I am most excited for, and the ones that I think you guys might like too. So, here we are!

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Coming December 2016

We are not sure why, but books are almost invariably released on Tuesdays. More than likely for marketing and business reasons. All we know is that because of this, Tuesdays are our favorite day of the week, when we know that we can walk into any bookstore and be met with a plethora of new releases waiting to be bought.

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