About Us

We are just a pair of girls who sit around reading books. We review them, recommend them, quote them, and every once in awhile, when we are feeling brave and especially artsy, we take pictures of them.

Who We Are

Angelica is the nice one (or so she says). She will be writing most of the reviews.

Rosie is the not so nice one (or so she’s told). She will be doing most of the other stuff, that we have not yet figured out.

Together, we hope to maybe make a decent book blog

When We Post

We post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a few random things thrown in between.

 Every Wednesday we post our Top 5 Wednesday of the week, and the first monday of each month we post our Coming on Tuesday, a list of the most exciting books being released each month. These are the only predetermined posts. All other days we will post reviews of books we have finished, tags, challenges, discussions, and other such things, so be on the lookout for those.

How We Review

All reviews posted on this website are our own, unless otherwise stated. All thoughts and opinions are our own. No author, publisher, or other blogger holds influence in the rating we assign each book, ensuring the honesty of our work. We hold no bias or prejudice towards any book or author when starting the reading process, and will strive to review each work presented to us with the utmost integrity.

Feel free to contact us or ask us questions, we love interacting with other book lovers.

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