Scrappy Little Nobody – A Funny Little Memoir



The other day, while bored out of my mind at two in the morning, I scrolled through my Netflix hoping for something to watch. Having found nothing that caught my attention, I logged into my HBO account and watched The Accountant, starring Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck.

I liked the movie. It was entertaining and it gave me something to do, other than stare at the ceiling and contemplate the meaning of life. (As one does at 2 AM).

That was a few weeks ago. As of right now, I have watched that movie four times.

It’s not that good a movie. There wasn’t anything too great about it. There were no Oscar worthy performances, despite having a cast full of Oscar nominees. But, I liked it. It entertained me. And while being bored during my summer I have nothing to do except re-watch movies, read books, and sit in PJs all day. So, you can just imagine from there how my life has been.

So, why am I telling you this story? Because on Sunday night, I watched The Account, yet again. This time it was with my family, who had never seen it, so I feel a little less guilty. While sitting there, occasionally scrolling through my phone, I saw this book on someone’s Goodreads update. That very night, I got the audiobook. The very next day, I listened to the whole thing while reorganizing and color coding my closet. And yes, I am that person who color codes their closets and arranges everything by type. Even my hangers are different colors, deal with it.

But, that’s not the point of my tale.

What I am trying to get at is that I picked up this book solely because I had seen Anna Kendrick’s face in a movie while being reminded that this book existed. It was a matter of right time, right place. It was entirely on a whim and I didn’t expect much from it.

I almost got the ebook, but then thought the audiobook would be better since it was narrated by Kendrick herself. Still, even then, I did not expect to laugh as much as I did. I didn’t expect this book to be as honest, awkward, and relatable as it was.

In this book, Kendrick speaks of her rise to fame and her way of dealing with it all. And you know what? That sounds like any other celebrity writing the story of their life.

I always get so annoyed when I see certain celebrities telling us all how they got rich and famous. Maybe I’m just bitter, but part of me always gets a little-pissed off when celebrities tell us of their fame and fortune. This though was different. It wasn’t about the fame or fortune. In fact, it barely talked about her famous life.

It was about a young, awkward girl clawing her way to her dream. It was about someone trying hard to fit into what the world says is normal, feeling like they need to fool the world into thinking that they’re something they’re not. It was about how we interact with other people, about fighting for our dreams, and about family. It was about so much more than I expected, and it was absolutely hilarious, all without being too deep.

I found myself nodding along to everything Kendrick said. I have never related so much to someone I have never even met. I swear Anna Kendrick and I could have totally been best friends if we had met as children. Either that, or we would have been too awkward to have even talked to one another. Both are likely.

Seriously though, I connected with her so hard. From the awkward list making to the whole concept of being “nice”. This book was everything I never knew I needed. My day was definitely made better by having listened to it. I totally recommend this as an audiobook. It won’t let you down!

Now, I’m probably going to go watch The Accountant again. I honestly don’t even know what it is that I like about that movie. Then again, I once watched Jurassic Park every day for a week simply because I didn’t feel like being invested in a new movie. But, that’s my favorite movie of all time so I’ll excuse it. Still, I think I might need some help.


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