My Life in June – Monthly Wrap Up

So, June happened. I don’t know how, it just kinda did. And now it’s July. How that happened? I don’t know either. Now I’m here looking back at all I did and you know what? I didn’t do much. But, here are some of the book related things that went down in my life in June.

Books I read
Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire – ★★ (2.5/5)

Songs About a Girl – Chris Russell – ★★☆(1.5/5)

Animal Farm – George Orwell – ★★

Heir of Fire – Sarah J. Maas – ★★

Queen of Shadows – Sarah J. Maas – ★★☆

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch – ★★★★

Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas – ★★★★

On it’s own, I guess this month went by pretty well. Now, when compared to last month where I read 14 books, this month actually kinda sucked. Let’s see what July has in store for me. And oh my God, can you believe it’s July? I’m not ready for that yet.

Average Rating for June: 3/5 (At least it’s better than last month)

Total Books Read in June: 7

Total Books Read in 2017: 49

Goodreads Reading Goal: 60

Only 11 more books to go!

Stuff I Posted

More Series I Won’t Finish| Book Con 2017: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly | This or That – Book Covers #2 | The Hating Game: Book Recommendation | 2017 Reading Challenge Update | This or That – Book Covers #3

Tags and Things

Ouran High School Host Club Book Tag | Pride & Prejudice Book Tag 2.0 | The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag| The Listicle Tag 

Things En Español! 

Nada. Sorry.

Random Things I Did

  • I went to Book Con 2017 and it was great! I ad a super fun experience and I cannot wait for next year’s event. I hope it’s in New York again because I don’t know if I can go to Chicago like last time. The first Book Con was in 2014 and I really, really wanted to go, but it just so happen that it started on the very day of my high school graduation, so, obviously, that was a no go. In 2015, my mother wouldn’t let me come to NY alone for Book Con.  In 2016, it was in Chicago, and I couldn’t go there from Maryland. Finally, 2017 was the year! And hopefully I can keep coming to more.
  • Nothing else. Like literally, nothing. I sat at home all day and watched Dexter on Netflix. That was it. That was my life in June. I’m so disappointed in me. July better get more exciting.

What I’m Doing Next Month

I haven’t the slightest idea. I guess we shall see. Hopefully more than I did this month. Hopefully.

Next Month’s TBR

Most of my TBR is a lie. I tend to read what I want, when I want. I honestly just make these lists for the heck of it. Plus I have a lot of arcs now so might as well read them. So, let’s do this!

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King

Warcross by  Marie Lu

All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvatter

Paper Hearts by Ali Novak

Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Image result for that's all folks gif

Until next month!

Check out our  2017 Reading Challenge


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