Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag!

Hello everyone! I hope y’all have had a great week. I have been completely inactive all week, but I have returned and what better way to make a comeback than with a tag?

I was tagged by Maya @Book Dragon 1017 to do this super fun tag, thank you so much Maya! Y’all should definitely take a moment to go check out her wonderful blog and look through her posts and tags, I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Now, let us move on with the tag!

How long have you been blogging?

For about 8 months now. I started in November.

At what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

I don’t know. Never? The day I no longer want to? I love doing this, and as long as I continue to love it I will continue to do it. This isn’t really something I think about.

What is the best thing about blogging?

Getting to talk to people that share your passions. It’s great being able to post your opinions and fangirl about things and have someone across the world share those things with you. I love communicating with people, and this blog has been so great at helping me do that, especially with people that I would never have had the chance to get to know otherwise.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

Time. Blogging is seriously time consuming. But then again, it’s totally worth it for me. I don’t mind it at all. I spend most of my time procrastinating work anyway, now I can spend it on this. I also don’t really do anything to make it okay so… moving on!

How long does it take you to find make/find pictures to use?

Not long. I get the book cover images from Goodreads, and any other image or gif that I use I get from Google.

Who is your book crush?

There are too many too name! But seriously, it’s probably Percy Jackson. Or Kaz Brekker, if he were a little more stable and a lot less murderous. You know what, maybe not Kaz. Inej is the only one who can deal with him.

What author would you like to have on your blog?

I’m gonna go with the queen herself, Leigh Bardugo. I love everything this woman writes. Seriously, she wrote both The Darkling and Kaz Brekker, two of my favorite terrible people. I cannot wait for Wonder Woman: Warbringer.

What do you wear when you write your blogpost?

Whatever I’m wearing that day. As I am writing this, I am wearing sweatpants, and a really fancy blouse. Why that strange combo? Because I was getting dressed to go to dinner  with friends and got bored so I decided to write this instead. Now I’m in this awkward in between of looking really good and looking homeless. So yeah, that’s how I roll.

How long does it take you to prepare?

Could be five minutes, could be two hours. It depends. Some posts I can write in no time, others take me forever. Reviews are the ones that vary the most. I can either write a review in ten minutes, or I spend hours thinking of what to say and constantly change up my words until I can perfectly express myself.

How do you feel about the book blogging community?

I love it! I love all the people here! I did not think it would be this great when I first started. The thing that always stopped me from starting this blog (a thing that I have been wanting to do for years) was the fear of the community. What if someone didn’t like me? What if my opinions weren’t popular? Then I joined and realized that the people here are some of the nicest, sweetest people ever!

What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

I have said this before, and here it is again: just be yourself! My favorite blogs are the ones in which the writer’s voice shines through. No one wants to read a post that sounds like a robot wrote it. No one wants to read a post without personality or heart. Just be you, let your voice shine and let your opinions be heard, even if they aren’t popular.

So…Who do I tag?

Some old friends…some new…some in between

A @Fandomly Bookish| Madelaine @The Bookish Knight| Diana @Bookish Diana| Alaina @An Infinite Book World| Mandy @Book Princess Reviews | Rendz @Reading With Rendz | Brookie @Brookie Cowles |The Orangutan Librarian

Link back to this post so I can see your answers!

{Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag if you have already done it, or simply don’t want to}

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17 thoughts on “Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag!

  1. Ahahaha I love your answer about Kaz. So true. Inej probably is the only one who can fully handle it. XD But I so agree about time. I SO didn’t realize the time commitment that was involved. o.o And so much yes for Bardugo. Wonderful answers, Angelica, and thanks so much for the tag! I can’t wait to do it! 😀

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