The Fallen World – Series Review

The Fallen World Trilogy by Laura Thalassa

And there I went again, doing regrettable things. Earlier this week I posted my Captive Prince series review. And, let’s just say that I didn’t like that series. And then, because I am me, I read this series. And did I stop after I realized I didn’t like book one? Nope. Of course not. I wouldn’t be me if I had. So, I went and finished the whole darn thing, skimming and boring myself half to death.

Anyway, this is yet another loved series. Everyone that talks about it is always raving. The characters are well loved and their relationship is supposedly the stuff of legends. Frankly, I was highly unimpressed. More than unimpressed. I was bored and kinda offended.

I personally found both the characters to be despicable people. And no, not the kind of despicable that are Cathy and Heathcliff, which I love. These people are just plain terrible and I could barely stand them. It’s like their go out of their way to act like dicks and I was not  fan.

Were we supposed to be impressed by Serenity? By her wit and strong nature? I thought she was acting stupid. The fate of the entire world is at stake, would it kill you to smile and pretend to enjoy life every once in a while. In books, there is too much of people mistaking strength with recklessness and stupidity. Serenity was strong, sure, she was a soldier. She was also a diplomat with the fate of billions on her shoulders and what does she do? She openly threatens, ignores and insults the guy with the power to kill them all! That’s not strength and wit, that’s being bad at your job!

Also, was her and the king Lazuli’s relationship supposed to be good? They threaten to kill each other on the daily, and not even in a banter sort of way but in an ‘I will hold a gun to your head and threaten to pull the trigger’ sort of way. That’s not cute or romantic. That’s some psychopathic stuff, that’s what it is. Then, Lazuli was constantly reminding her of how powerless she was and how he could do whatever he wanted to her. I found nothing endearing about their relationship. I thought it was extremely disturbing. At least Cathy and Heathcliff had their random fits of passion, unlike these two.

Then there was the story as a whole. I didn’t get it. I was not impressed. It was also extremely repetitive. Serenity gets kidnapped every few chapters and it’s up to Lazuli to go get her. The girl spends half the time with the king and the other half getting taken by other people. She also gets shot/stabbed/wounded every other day! Clearly, they need a new security team. At one point within the books Serenity straight up says,

“I glance down at the hand touching my chest. I follow it back to its owner. A soldier in his late twenties stares back. He’s not the king, and these are not the king’s men. Which can only mean …
I got fucking abducted.

Even the characters within the books acknowledge the repetitive nature of the story. I always say that when even the characters realize there is a problem, you are doing something wrong!

This is how it would go:

  • Lazuli and Serenity would have a semi decent moment
  • The bad guys would attack
  • Serenity would get shot/stabbed/wounded
  • Serenity would get kidnapped
  • Lazuli would massacre a crap ton of people to get her back
  • Serenity would shoot some people, leaving her dressed in blood
  • Serenity would get mad that people were killed on her behalf and by her hand
  • Lazuli would force her into the Sleeper
  • They would have sex and make up
  • The cycle would repeat a few more times per book

I could see it all coming! I was bored because I knew how it would always end. Had each book not ended in a sort of cliffhanger (especially book two), curiosity would not have manipulated me to continue.

If you are a fan of this series, I am glad. I am always happy when people enjoy things I hate, as strange as that may sound. I like knowing that this story isn’t going to waste. That no matter how much I dislike something, somewhere out there people are loving it. So, I am happy for you. I, on the other hand, am glad that’s over and done with.

If anything, I’m just annoyed that this happened twice in once month. See my Captive Prince Series Review to know what I’m talking about.

Overall Series Rating:



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