Yet Another Giveaway Update!

Yet Ok, so I’m done giving chances. The third winner never replied either. So, I wasn’t going to do this a fourth time but because I’m nice, here I am. A FOURTH winner has now been chosen. That means that if you just realized that you had been one of the previous three winners, then you’ve missed your chance and  your prize has been forfeit.

This new winner has 48 hours to contact The Book Cover Girls, by the time that this post goes live. Meaning that that if you do not contact us before Thursday April 4, 2017 by 11:59PM EST, you forfeit your prize. And since this would have been the fourth time we do this, if we get no response I will take those $20 and go shopping.  Then I will post a picture of what I bought to make all of you who did not reply jealous of what you could have had. And yes, I know that is petty.  That’s how I roll.

But really though, do you people not want free stuff?! Just take a second to shoot us an email and you can get free books! It’s honestly that easy! There will be no 5th chance! That’s absurd!

That’s it. My announcement is ended.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Giveaway Update!

    1. I thought of it but I didn’t want to put their names out there and then it be awkward if they didn’t reply and a new winner was chosen. But that apparently wasn’t the problem because the 4th winner just replied to our email! I was honestly starting to worry lol

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