Giveaway Update!

Yet ANOTHER Winner For Our Giveaway!

Ok, so for real now, this is the last time we are going to do this. The last two winners never replied, despite us giving them extra time. They had over 48 hours to get back to us, and never did. If you were one of those first two people, you have forfeit your prize  because a new winner  has been chosen.

If you are the current winner, please, oh please, reply! I do not understand why you don’t want free books!!

We will not be doing this a fourth time. This is the last opportunity for a winner to come forward. If no winner claims the prize, then I don’t know what we’ll do. We might open it up again for everyone. Since we are nice, we might actually do it a fourth time, but a fifth would annoy me, so no more! But, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Anyway, a new winner has already been chosen and they have until Tuesday May 2, at 11:59 PM EST to contact The Book Cover Girls. So check your email! Please!

We will announce the official winner when someone decides they do in fact want free stuff and emails us. And yes, this is a very passive aggressive post. I realize that. Just email me. I beg you.

That’s all.


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