Bookish Pet Peeves Part 3

Hello, hello, again everyone! I am back with even more bookish things I love to hate and hate to love. Here is where I let it all out. I talk about all the little things in books, be they character flaws, plot holes, or any of the many small thighs in books that drive me crazy.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business *mentally starts singing I’ll Make a Man out of You*

But seriously, let’s do this thing!

I am Beautiful but I Don’t Know It

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That up there, I hate it. The moment I see this in a book I die a little inside. I automatically hate the character a little more than I would have otherwise. This is usually a female character because 99% of the time the hot guys are very much aware that they exude sexiness. These extra hot dudes are then tasked with showing the insipid, ‘unattractive’ main character that she is in fact attractive.  I hate it, especially because many times the MC will describe herself as tall, slender, with beautiful long hair that flows in the wind, and startling green/blue eyes that are hold all the shades in the rainbow. Basically the western standard of perfect beauty. And then in the next sentence, she describes herself as plain and unattractive, wondering how anyone could possibly find her beautiful. Girl, bye.

On My 16th Birthday…

This is the start to over a million YA paranormal/fantasy novels. If books have taught me anything is that 16 is a dangerous age to be. Someway, somehow, I managed to survive that year, but I was almost scared some weird stuff was going to go down. 16 is prime age for the supernatural, it would seem.

This is usually how it goes: Amy (let’s call our MC Amy for the time being) was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the Middle of Nowhere Mississippi (why Mississippi? Cause why not), until the day that she turns 16 when the prophecy of long ago will finally come to fruition. This is also when the new Mysterious family moves across the street, with their perfect blond hair and pale skin, and weirdly colored eyes. The moment that Amy meets the Mysterious family it will commence a series of events that will put the world as we know it in danger, with only Amy, and the oldest son of that Mysterious family, able to save us all. That right there is the basic plot of many, many books. Don’t lie, you’ve read at least five books with that same plotline. At least, most of us have read more.

The Minority Best Friend

This one gets me heated. I hate this best friend. I hate them with a passion. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love minorities. I, myself am a person of color. It’s nothing racist, not from my part anyway, it’s that these POC are not real people. The minority best friend (MBF for short) is a cutout. They have no personality, they have no past or future, they are there to help the white MC save the day. They are there to fill the diversity quotas but nothing much else. The MBF of course, changes depending on the minority. For example,

  • If she’s Asian, then she is very short, very slight and slender with a pixie cut or something. She is super smart, has her life together, and is there to remind the MC to study or be better, or just to dish out helpful information when the MC can’t be bothered to google things. She also has super strict parents, cause you know, Asians am I right?
  • If the MBF is Latina, she is loud, sexy, promiscuous, has at least four siblings, and goes around calling everyone ‘chica’ for some reason. Her job is to get the MC laid. She is outgoing and a complete extrovert and serves as nothing more than eye candy for the guys in the novel.
  • If the MBF is black, then she’s usually loud, kinda rude and has a tragic home life of some sort. If not, a lot of the time authors take the time to make her a lesbian. But, rarely in YA is the MBF an African American. I guess it just seems too unrealistic that the white MC would have a black BFF? Or a straight back BFF? Who knows.

Now, before someone gets offended, cause I can just see someone getting ready to say something, this is not all books, and not all MBFs. But, these are pretty common trends in YA that we cannot ignore. They are stereotypes and they are harmful to our perception of other people. Take a moment to note how many YA sidekicks (cause that’s what most of them really are) follow these trends. This misrepresentation of people bothers me so much! I as a proud Latina hate when the Hispanic characters are these sad stereotypes because I know that this is not who we all are and yet, it’s one of the only ways we are represented.

Love Conquers All

Oh, I hate this. I hate it so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about love. I love love and all that jazz, but don’t you tell me that you loving me (a guy I probably met less than three months ago, cause YA novels move fast) will cure my cancer or schizophrenia or any of those things authors just love to talk about. Ok, no! The thing that bothers me though is that this mostly only happens when it’s a mental illness. If a girl is dying from leukemia and falls in love, that girl might probably still die. Sorry, but it’s how it goes in YA novels. But, if a girl is dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, or anything of the sort, all she needs apparently is a hot dude and the opportunity to get laid.

Image result for no just no gif

This is the plot: Oh, I was raped as a child and am battling with PTSD, and have severe depression and anxiety. Oh, wait, what’s this, an attractive guy is looking in my direction? Looks like I no longer need professional help, his magic penis has cured me! Turns out, all I needed was an attractive dude to have sex with me. Who knew?!

No. I don’t buy. I do not accept it! This is stupid, it is demeaning to the people who do have these problems, and it’s a cop out. Make a real plot with a real solution and then go write your novel.

This is all I have…for now.

Angelica out!

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10 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves Part 3

  1. These are also some of my bookish pet peeves, especially the first time… I see it SO OFTEN in books (especially contemporary YA) and it drives me crazy because it doesn’t make any sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s honestly one of the most annoying things! I don’t understand why authors think that’s a good character trait! They try to make the girl relatable and humble I guess but really it’s annoying. It also makes the girls seem weak. It really doesn’t makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. haha nice Mulan reference 😉 Also THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST!! All of this definitely needs to be said!! I can’t stand the “I’m beautiful but I don’t know it- woe is to me” trope- it really winds me up! haha I never noticed it about the 16th birthday thing before- but you’re so right!! And the MBF is annoying- it’s just not a character, it’s a cut and paste stereotype. And no- love should not be the solution to all the MC’s problems- like you said, make a real solution, not just *ah love conquers all* so all the other trauma is a-okay. Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! And of course I had throw in a little Mulan in the mix! I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed the 16 year old thing. There was a point in which every single supernatural romance novel had a 16 year old girl. Now we’ve moved on and all the YA fantasies and dystopias have 17 year olds, cause you know they want to be mature and whatnot haha! And yeah I wish that some authors would take the time to think about the harmful effects of having stereotypical MBFs and “love conquers all” tropes. It’s worse that it happens so often that it has become a norm and we don’t question it.

      Liked by 1 person

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