T5W – April 12, 2017

Books That Would Make Good Video Games

So, it’s Thursday. I know that I am late, but I had two essays due yesterday and couldn’t get to this. But, late is better than never, so here we go with this. I don’t even have a good intro to this. Let’s just get to it, I guess.

t5w 4-12

These are in no particular order

 Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 

Ok, think about it. You start out in the slums of Ketterdam. Have to figure out how to arrange your crew and get your plans. How to get off the island and into the Ice Court. Then the real heist begins. I can totally see this as an adventure type video game. Also, I would love to be Kaz without the consequence of dying or having PTSD and what better way to do that than through a video game.

Illuminae by Jay Kristof and Amie Kaufman 

Do I even need to explain this one? This is already video game material. Save the ship, solve the mystery, don’t die. As I said, I don’t play video games, but I’d totally buy this

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The theme for all the books I am choosing seems to be ‘survival’. You are thrown in an arena the size of a city and told to kill everyone around you and be the last one standing. This is basically every video game ever. Also, it’s all the fun of the hunger games and none of the fear of dying.

The Martian by Andy Weir

Again, survive! This game is a lot less gore and a lot more brains. You have to think in this game and figure things out but in the end, you have to survive Mars. Maybe not the most fun game, and definitely not a multiplayer one, but a game nonetheless.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Remember. It’s only a game. 

Those are the words on the cover. The entire thing is a game, one that would be very fun to play. It would be a very mysterious, run-down carnival sort of game, and I would love every second of it.

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