The Guard – A Selection Novella


20691916It’s not a secret that I am not an Aspen fan. To me, he always seemed so…unnecesary? Is that the right word? I don’t know. He’s just so, bland, I guess.

He dumps the girl he loves, tells her to go and join the selection and marry the prince, and then acts hella petty when she does it. And then he refuses to let her go! Like, boy, could you not. Could you really, really not.

Seeing things from Aspen’s POV was alright, I suppose. I just felt like it was unimportant. At least with The Queen, we got to know a new character and saw a different selection. We also got to see a kinder King Clarkson and his relationship with Queen Amberly. With  The Prince, we got to learn something different also. We see how a bit of Clarkson’s and Maxon’s relationship. We see how Maxon first reacted to America and how their relationship began. With The Guard we got, what?  Just aspen being moody and hating on Maxon. We learned nothing. Honestly, I was just bored.

This isn’t really a review. It’s basically just me hating on Aspen. He should have just let America go, focused on his family and left it all alone.

Well, I guess this review is done now.

Team Maxon all the way!

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5 thoughts on “The Guard – A Selection Novella

    1. I honestly don’t know how there were people cheering for Aspen! The entire Selection series I kinda just wanted Aspen to disappear. Thankfully, after this I only have the Favorite left in the novellas, so I’ll get to that soon. Have you read The Heir or The Crown? Do you recommend? I don’t if I could handle another America Singer.

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      1. Haha nor do I!! I was the same! No I haven’t, I decided to finish with the series after the first three books- I heard people said the daughter was more annoying than America and I thought there’s no way I’m picking that up!

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