My Life in April – Monthly Wrap Up

I don’t usually do wrap up posts. In fact, this is my first month doing it. And honestly, I could not have chosen a more uninteresting month to have begun. This month was either very productive, or very nonproductive, depending on how you look at it.

With the semester coming to an end I had a lot of things to do. Lots of projects being done, lots of essays and readings, and a million other things I love to hate and hate to love. So, since I have at least a small sense of priority, I focused more on those things than on reading for pleasure.

Still, I somehow managed to have read a fairly decent amount of books. How? Magic, that’s how, because I honestly don’t know where and when I found time to read. Honestly, I don’t even remember reading these this month, it just kinda happened

Anyway, let’s see what I did this month, shall we?

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Down the TBR Hole

Long TBR’s are the best and worst thing out there. There are a half million books I want to read, yet, strangely enough, only 323 on my Goodreads TBR. I don’t really like adding books to my TBR unless I know I will read them, as opposed to the other half million that I am merely interested in but probably won’t read. Also, I usually don’t add to my TBR at all, just add to my ‘currently reading’, and the ‘read’ piles when I pick up the book.

Anyway, I have a lot of book there that I had forgotten about through the years and never got to read. Books that at this point, I never will get to read anyway. So I have decided to do this meme.

Down the TBR Hole is a weekly meme hosted by  Lia @Lost in a Story. This meme is meant to uncluttered your TBR pile, going through each book and choosing which one should go.

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The Greek Gods Book Tag!!

Hello, hello! I have been tagged by Zuky @The Book Bum to do this super fun tag. I have always been fascinated with Greek mythology so when I saw this, I got super excited to do it. This tag was created by Zuky herself so you can go to her blog to check out the original post! Now, with out further ado, let’s do it!

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Book Recommendation!

I, like you, read a lot of books. A lot of those books are popular and well known, but some of them are obscure and no one talks about them, despite you thinking they are amazing! Every once in a while, when I read one of those obscurely wonderful books, I will be recommending them to you all, so you too may have the chance at loving them.

This week I am recommending none other than… *drum roll*

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Random Update!

The Shatter Me Series is Getting More Books!

Ok, so random little update here that I wanted to share. For all I know, all of you could have already known this and I’m just behind on the times, but Shatter Me is getting more books in the series! OMG! Ahh!

Image result for excitement gif

We are getting three new books by Tahereh Mafi!

Related image

Three new books with Warner in them!

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The first of these new novels is titled Restore Me, and will be released by HarperCollins on March 6, 2018.

Now…we wait!

Image result for waiting gif

Mark your calendars people!

For the Goodreads link to Restore Me click HERE

T5W – April 26, 2017

Authors I Want to Read More From

Sometimes you read a book and think, I need to read everything this person has ever written! Usually, though, you awkwardly forget and don’t read anything from that person again. Other times there are authors that you have read much from, but still want more, until you truly have read everything they have ever written. These are the authors that I want to read more from, and yet, haven’t.

Let’s get to this.

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