Bookish Pet Peeves #2

Not too long ago I made a post on bookish pet peeves. On the annoying little things that books do to irritate us. Sometimes those things are part of the design, other times it is major plot points that piss us off. Either way, there is always something, however small, that simply drives us mad. These are some of those things.


“I’m Not Like Other Girls”

Never have more disgusting words been spoken. What does this even mean? This line is irresponsibly used by authors in order to make their plain, uninteresting characters seem unique. They think that by adding that line in their books they are being #relateable. No, they are not. They are poisoning the minds of girls by making them think that there is such a thing as an ‘other girl’. That by liking makeup and wanting to have fun that you are somehow ‘other’. That it makes you shallow and stupid and unworthy because the guy never really likes the ‘other girls’, no, he likes the Plain Jane/Mary Sue whose only character traits are being shy and ‘different’. Whatever that means. None of us is ‘like other girls’ because we are all unique individuals. There is also no such thing as ‘other girls’ because we are all girls and should embrace that how we please!


Naive/Absent Parents

This one was recommended to me by my buddy at Creative Minds 101.

Anyway, this is one we all know. Young Adult fiction is filled with sassy, ass kicking 16-year-olds who go on adventures and save the world. All without the knowledge of their parents. Parents never seem to know what is going on. They are blind to the world, not noticing when their child goes missing or does dangerous, life threatening things. Either that or parents aren’t there at all. They show up in one scene just so the reader knows that the charter does indeed have parents and didn’t just pop up from out of nowhere. Then the parents excuse themselves and never show up again, allowing the kids to do whatever they want without any of that pesky parental interruption. This always seemed crazy. When I was 16 I couldn’t even walk down the street without first telling my mom where I was going. And God forbid I got home a minute later than planned. My mom would call me repeatedly until I told her where I was. I don’t know what parents these authors had, but mine weren’t at all like that.


The Horrible Parents

These are different from the naive/absent parents. Where those paid no attention to their kids, these pay too much attention. These parents are mean, pushy, horrible people whose only job is to make their kid’s lives miserable. They are highly critical, they are abusive, they are dismissive. They are just horrible human beings, who have no business being parents. In the end, these parents either end up being secretly decent people, or they die. There is little in between for them.

It honestly seems like parents in YA books are used only as plot devices, not characters. For once, I would like to see a parent who is a decent, loving, attentive person. A parent is a character. A good parent is Katie’s mom (whose name I forget) from the Lux Series by Jeniffer L. Armentrout. She was a character. A good one too.


The Bad Boy 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love me some bad boys. What I cannot stand are the bad boys who decide that being an a**hole is the best way to win the girl. They are rude, mean, and terrible human beings. They wear black leather jackets and ride motorcycles. They have brilliant smiles and spend their free time smoking by the corner because nothing screams sexy like lung cancer. These are the boys that everyone hates and yet everyone wants to bang. What does this teach people? Honestly, now. This guy is a total dick and yet he somehow ends up being a point inside of useless love triangle. No, just no. No guy who treats a girl like crap deserves to be a love interest.


The Hot Guy McHandsome

This guy has a smile that can outshine the sun. He is the tallest guy in any room he steps in, 6’6” minimum. He has a super genius IQ and perfect washboard abs. He is rich, well polished, and handsome. He is charming, he is sweet, he is every girl’s dream. He is entirely unreal. And for some reason, he decides to fall for the plain, uninteresting, insipid main character. Because…wish fulfillment, I guess. Honestly, I hate this trope. Are there no regular looking guys that can be the love interest. Must all men be an Adonis? Seriously, who looks like that. And if for some reason a guy does look this way, why would he be interested in the main character, when there is nothing even slightly compelling about her? What does he gain? And no I am not saying that beauty is all that matters. But for example (I’m sorry Twilight) what would super hot, super intelligent, super accomplished Edward Cullen see in boring, plain, depressing Bella Swan. It’s just not a real relationship that would happen.


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15 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves #2

  1. Love your post! You definitely hit the nail on this one. But I think these exist because they make a story. The bad parents pushes kids to be stronger & tougher. The bad boys tease the girls because he’s too proud to admit he has a crush on her haha and those unrealistic men, no wonder they only exist in books 😂

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    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it! These tropes are what I like to compare to one of those “just add water” meals. You have all these ready made tropes, just add dialogue, a little bit of plot (not so much as to over power the bland characters of course!) and then you are good to go. You probably have a YA bestseller on your hand.
      These are good in moderation. One or two per story only. As for the men, well the world would be quite an interesting place if they were real lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You got that down right. Seems like putting together a story is a piece of cake when all of those already got the story going.. haha.. Do you have any favorite reads even with those pet peeves present?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Honestly so many. I may hate on those tropes but I love so many books with them. It’s a curse, really. It’s like loving something you know is bad. Also, when in the hands of a really good author those tropes can make a fantastic novel. A bit cliched maybe, but great nonetheless.

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  2. I think the clear theme here is simply lazy character development in general. It’s amazing how much in-depth, honest and ‘real’ characters can add to a reading experience and it seems as though you’ve hit the nail on the end with lazy YA go-tos when authors can’t be bothered to create unique characters. Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ve read so many books with these tropes it’s gotten to the point that these characters are nothing but cutouts of one another. All bad boys are alike, all terrible parents share the same qualities and all girls who claim to be “not like other girls” are exactly like one another. All their stories are the same too. It’s kinda sad really.

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  3. AH YES! I totally agree with all of these! I’m really no fan of the typical bad boy or omg-look-at-Mr-Perfect tropes! And I totally agree with the first point you made! There are no “other girls”. We’re all unique in our own ways and authors should rather write about characters who embrace their differences and also don’t bash other girls for being different! We should all love ourselves and not compare each other! 🙂

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  4. Ugh, that “You’re Not Like Other Girls” trope just needs to stoppppppp. It’s driving me insane. Why can’t we have a normal person? Or someone that is like someone else? No? XD Yet YA still seems to think it’s the answer to every single book. Fantastic list, and all of these need to be finished soon.

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  5. This post was awesome, Angelica! I’m so not a fan of any of these. Especially the “I’m not like other girls” or “the perfect boy goes for the boring and unassuming non-pretty girl” and the “non-existent parents.” (Of course haha). Like why does this always seem to happen? All of these tropes need to go. Like now.

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