Zenn Diagram – An ARC Review



I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

From the very first chapter, I knew I was going to have a major problem with this book. A problem that persisted throughout and made me seriously dislike the main character, Eva.

With the very first paragraph, we are introduced to Eva and her unique ability. With just touching a person or an object of said person, Eva can see into their lives, knowing things she would never have known otherwise.

This makes Eva very special indeed. It is not, however, what makes Eva go on and on about how she’s #not-like-other-girls.

Honestly, few words bother me more out of the mouth of women than, ‘I am not like other girls’. By saying things like that you are implying that there is something wrong with ‘other girls’. You are saying that if the world has blessed you with big breasts and you happen to like make up you are now an ‘other’. That you are entirely generic, with no personality, no hopes, and dreams. So, of course, our humble, ‘down to earth’ main character, cannot possibly be like those other bimbos. Right?

Not even our snowflake’s best friend Charlotte, who is described as beautiful and statuesque, is described as never being able to be popular because guys only want the loud, big breasted cheerleaders. You know, because all guys (except our heroic love interest, of course) are all painfully generic and are all into the same thing. Right? That certainly is what books like this say to me. And there are a lot of books like this.

Seriosuly, why do authors keep thinking that we will relate to people like this? I am a total nerd. The kind that owns every X-Men movie on DVD/BluRay and has watched every X-Men cartoon out there. The kind goes to comic book stores and randomly spews out facts about any and every subject you can think of. When I was a child my mother bought me an animal encyclopedia, which I read from start to finish because I wanted to know about all the creatures inside. I’m the kind of person who can spend an entire day in bed, reading. The kind that considers a fun outing to be going to the zoo or museum. And yet, I like makeup. I have an unhealthy love of purses and shoes. I love wearing pretty dresses and bows in my hair, and having fun and doing things with friends, and you know, being a normal human being.

I’m sick of the plain main character who insist of proclaiming to the world that she is not like ‘other girls’ simply because she likes ‘nerdy things’.

Another thing that bothered me was Eva’s inconsistency. She is someone who shows very little emotion. Which is fine, a character doesn’t need to be overly emotional. I am not an emotional person. But, she doesn’t seem to care much about her family, or only friend Charlotte, which is not cool. But then Zenn comes about and she’s in love? In a very insta-love fashion, to make it worse. No. Just no.

So, why three stars instead of two? I don’t know. I am feeling generous I guess. I so desperately needed a good book to read that I guess I just had to love this a little more.

That said, the book did have some pros. It was a cute, fast read (all the aforementioned things aside). It was a fun contemporary if you want zero diversity (then again most contemporaries don’t, like seriously, not even one POC to say one random, unimportant line in the background),  are into insta-love, and generic characters. I liked it, though. Despite the problems, I was entertained. Somehow.

The idea was cool. I love that fact that Eva unapologetically loved math. I love that she had such a cool ability. Sadly, when I look back at the books I read this year, this is not going to be one that stands out. I am not going to remember the setting, the characters, or the romance. This will get lost in my memory, as there was nothing memorable about it.

{Zenn Diagram will be released by Kids Can Press Publishing on April 4, 2017}

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