The One by Kiera Cass – Where it all Comes to an End


18635016.jpgWell, now that it’s finally over, I can rest in peace. It’s sad though, that even in the end I kind of wanted America to get shot and die.

I recently read and reviewed The Elite, and was really eager to get to The One. For some reason beyond common sense, I had the futile hope that perhaps, just maybe, America would grow up and be just a little less annoying. Guess what? It didn’t happen. Three chapters in and I had already rolled my eyes more times than I could have possibly counted. I’m kind of mad she got her happily ever after. (It’s not a spoiler cause we all knew it was coming).

Seriously, though. If there were ever a quote with which to describe America Singer, it would be this:

“America, you are full of nothing but bad ideas. Great intentions but awful ideas.”

This book was infuriating. It was annoying. It was so utterly stupid that I wanted to throw it out a window. I probably would have had it not been an ebook, and I too fond of my tablet. Anyway, the point is that despite all of that, I could not put the darn book down!

Say what you will of Kiera Cass and her books, but the lady can write some seriously addicting novels. I read this in two sittings, and the only reason I was interrupted was because I had an assignment due the next day for which I had terribly procrastinated. Other than that, I was glued to the story, needing to know what happened next.

The book was action packed and exciting, filled with intrigue and cheesy romance, which I love. Honestly, had it had a different main character, I would have loved it. But, alas, it had America Singer.

If you want, you can totally tune out because everything from this point forth will be a rant, not on the book, but on one of the character.

First, America singer just would not make up her darn mind.

“I love Maxon”

“I can’t let go of Aspen”

“I want to be Maxon’s princess”

“But I can’t imagine the world without Aspen”

Why are these mutually exclusive? You aren’t killing Aspen. You can be his friend and marry Maxon. Aspen will continue to exist in the world! Also, just make up your mind. Halfway through book two Maxon offered to end the selection and marry you if only you agreed. The only reason why this series was this long was because America would not stop being annoyingly insecure. She had no one else to blame for anything that happened.

“Oh no, the rebels are rioting to stop the selection!”

“How tragic, the Elite’s family members are being attacked!”

“Goodness, people are dying on the streets!”


That, and all the terrible things that happen in this novel as a result of the selection.

Then, everyone is going around praising America for being so kind and sweet and gentle, and obviously so much better and nobler than everyone else. It’s like everyone thought she was the best thing since sliced bread!

“Leave it to you to find beauty in something others would say ruins a day.

– Maxon to America about the rain

giphy (1).gif

Because obviously, America is so special in liking rain. No one in the world finds it beautiful. Obviously.

“You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good.”


But what really bothers me is how everyone thinks she would make a great queen. Sure she is compassionate, but ruling a kingdom isn’t, as Rosie many times says, rainbows and unicorn farts. It’s not all pretty dresses and tea parties. It means actually ruling. It means making laws and punishing those who break them. It means that your love life comes second and your country comes first. I think they spent so much time making America look like a saint that they forgot to wonder if she would actually make a good queen.


Anyway, that is all. It wasn’t as good as the other two. I wanted more.Also, it was all pretty predictable. I called a supposedly big reveal halfway through The Elite.

What do you guys think of this one? Which in the series do you like more? Should I try to read any of the novellas?  Let me know below!

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