What Non-Readers Say

We’ve all experienced this.  Whether it be a family member, a friend, or a total stranger. There are always a group of people who feel the need to cast their opinions and judgments onto us, usually by asking us the darndest questions and making the most infuriating comments. Usually, these questions wonder at our reading habits, an innocent enough thing, but these are the questions that for some reason get under our skin. Also, these are the comments that make us wonder why we have a relationship with them. 


Why do you read?

Why do I read you ask? Because it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Heck, it’s the best thing since before sliced bread! It’s like breathing, like living! Look at all my exclamation points! That’s how much this question annoys me!!!!!


You read too much!


What does this question even mean? I don’t think I get it. My tower of books is blocking out the sound of you dumb comment.


Why do you need new books? Don’t you have enough?


I’m going to pretend that wasn’t said to me. Books aren’t like shoes that once you own a few pairs you are good. Libraries need to constantly updated and restocked. You wouldn’t expect someone to own and watch only five movies the rest of their lives so why expect the same with books? Honestly, what kind of question even is this?


It’s just a book!


Don’t even go there. Just don’t do it. It’s safer for you if you never say this to a book lover. Trust me.


It’s just a fictional character!


This one is a bit like the one above, but, in my opinion, much more hurtful. Why? Because this is an insult to your babies, the loves of your life. This is as if someone grabbed your best friend/boyfriend/brother/etc. and said they were fictional and did not matter. One does not simply insult my book boyfriends! These people are dear to me and I will fight you for them!


How can you read for so long?

By sitting down, and simply doing it. How can you watch TV for so long? The only difference between that and reading is that my brain is actually getting some form of exercise.


Does your brain ever get tired of having to read?


Um…do your lungs ever get tired of having to breathe? Does your heart tire of beating? I think not, so back off!


What dumb things have people said to you regarding reading? Let me know below!

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2 thoughts on “What Non-Readers Say

  1. I have been asked all of the above. It’s so annoying since I’m the only obsessive reader in my family. I think the worst thing I have ever been told is “All your books are the same!” or from reading the synopsis they go “It sounds boring, why do you like this stuff” It’s insufferable!

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    1. I hate that! I feel like I’m constantly defending my books and my reading habit. Like there was a point in which whenever someone heard it was dystopia they though “oh so basically the hunger games”. No! Not all books of the same genre are the same! Non readers just don’t get it

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