The Elite


theeliteLet it be known that I really enjoyed this book. Let it be known that I was secretly hoping America Singer would die. That said, I can now move on to my praise filled rant of a review.

This book, much like it predecessor, The Selection, which I read back in 2013, is extremely addicting. It’s like watching really bad reality TV, but with wars, and kingdoms, and royalty, and all that good dystopian stuff. And you know what I have found? I actually love this kind of crap.

Now, I am all about giving credit where credit is due, so I must admit that this book was technically well written. This book was entertaining. It was fast paced and never lagged. It was interesting to the point that I could not put it down, reading it one day. It was like a life or death episode of the Bachelor, and it was great.

The great flaw of this book was the main character, America Singer.16fc4d79587b70dc8c0e608b48f8cafa.gif

Oh, America Singer. Sweet, idiotic America Singer. Never has a more ‘wishy-washy’ character been written. A more infuriating, frustrating, selfish, annoying, self righteous protagonist has never been put on paper. I hated it!

This girl spends the entire book going back and forth between Aspen and Maxon. The she realizes that she loves Maxon, and what does she do? Pushes him away, because obviously, that is one does when in love with a prince. Then she goes and gets angry at Maxon for things out of his control and doesn’t talk to him for a week. Of course, then she has the audacity to be angry when he dares to pay attention to another girl, after ignoring him for days. Poor Maxon is just getting dragged along basically. He was the only one I was cheering for in this whole thing, because Aspen too was getting annoying after a while.

America is also very stupid. Now, let it be known that America is not an unintelligent person. She is actually quite knowledgeable, she’s just kind of an idiot. She is rash, never thinking things through. It’s like she never expects her actions to have consequences, and then it’s never her who deals with them, it’s usually Maxon who has to pay the price. Again, Maxon is getting the short end of the stick here. He can do so much better.

I don’t think America has caught on to the idea that the selection is a competition. That the girls there want to win, not just a husband, but a crown. She goes on and on about how she wants to change things and make the world a better place, but then decides that she doesn’t want to play the game. Then gets mad when other girls play to win. This is a competition!


No, America. If you want Maxon, which you do, and you want to change the world, you deeply desire, you must win the game. You must become a princess. And to do that you must play by the rules, not go around doing idiotic things just because you are upset. You need the king on your side, at least until you win. And what do you do? Find every possible way to piss him off because you are a self righteous idiot! You can stop pretending when you get the man and have the crown, in the meantime don’t make the one man that can ruin your life hate your guts! But that’s just me using common sense.

Anyway, as you all could see, I had a lot of emotions about America. Still, despite my dislike of America Singer, I also must admit that I also kinda loved her. She would make a great contestant on the Bachelor, if only for the entertainment factor. I can’t wait to read The One.

Also, as a prediction for book three, her dad is totally a spy for rebels. He was being hella sketchy at that party. If you’ve read it, don’t tell me if it’s true. I’m just calling it now.

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