February 2017




2 thoughts on “February 2017

    1. I am loving the Shadow of the Wind. A friend recommended it, it’s her favorite book. It’s plot within plot within plot! There is so much happening and I am almost done so I’m excited to finish.

      As for Carve the Mark, I actually kind of liked it, I have the been 3/5 stars. I am a person of color and was not offended by it at all. I did not see the need for such uproar when honestly, people let so many other things slide. Not that i’m justifying either this book or those other things, just that I don’t understand where all the hatred comes from when equal or worse things are being tolerated and even encouraged in YA. I didn’t review it because I just didn’t want to join in this discussion of everyone going back and forth, debating the racist or non racist qualities of the novel. I think Rosie wrote a pretty good review on her thoughts, all with which I completely agree.


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