By Rainbow Rowell

* * * * * 

I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that, as I am writing this review, Landline holds only a 3.55 rating on Goodreads.Did we all read the same book? Am I alone in loving this? Please tell me otherwise.

This is the second Rainbow Rowell book I read and I loved it. The first one was Fangirl and I felt alone while reading it also, for it seemed that  Angelica and I were among the few people who didn’t like it.  I did not connect to the characters or the plot or any of it. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I have never been shy like Cath, have never read nor written fan fiction, and have never been into Harry Potter (sorry, not sorry). Then again, I have never been middle aged, married, a mother, or a TV writer, and yet, I related with Georgie so much more.

This book follows the life of Georgie McCool (yes that is her real name), a middle aged TV writer going through a tough time in her marriage. When her husband, Neal, and daughters go to her mother -in-law’s house for Christmas, leaving Georgie to finish some work, Georgie gets an opportunity to make things right. While visiting her own mother’s house one day, Georgie decides to call Neal on the very landline she had used back in college, and a  very strange thing happens. Neal picks up, but the Neal that answers is the Neal from her past, the one she dated at college, long before they were married. With this magic phone Georgie has the ability to reach into the past, help preserve her present, and change her future, as the relationship is explored.

I loved Georgie’s relationship with past Neal. They were both so awkwardly romantic and cute. I loved Neal’s strange aloofness and how it was somehow very affectionate. I loved Georgie’s relationship with Seth even though it bothered me that she couldn’t talk to him! They have been Best Friends for 20 years! And why does after 20 years, Neal still hate Seth? You would think that he would have gotten over that jealousy considering Georgie has known Seth longer than she has known Neal, and yet, she still chose him over Seth.

Anyway, enough gushing. This book was good. Very good, in my opinion. It made me feel all the feels and made happy like few books have. I completely recommend it. A total 5/5 for me.

 If you have read it let me know if you like it. If did not like it, tell me why. I want to know why this book’s rating so low! 




7 thoughts on “Landline

    1. Thanks! And I am glad that I was not the only one who loved it. I don’t understand how certain books get so much praise while this one doesn’t.

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    1. I was not much a fan of Fangirl and I know a lot of people who liked it who did not like Landline so I don’t know. Maybe it’s one of those things where you can only like one or the other, but who knows. I totally recommend it though.

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      1. Haha interesting. I feel that way about the author Shannon Hale. I read her adult book Austenland first and loved it. But I can’t get through her other stuff. My friends grew up reading her other stuff and love it and don’t like Austenland.


      2. Yeah I have heard of that happening a lot when authors have books of different genres or for different age groups. Despite having been 18 when I read Fangirl, and 21 having read Landline, I identified with the latter so much more. Either way, I think you should give Landline a try. It might surprise you.

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