2016 Book Survey Questions

Hello everyone, as this year is coming to an end, it is time to look back at all of the books that have made this year so memorable.

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Favorite Books of 2016

These are not necessarily books that have come out in the year 2016, but rather, books that I have read within the year 2016. These are the books that have made me laugh, cry, and have kept me entertained. The ones for which I will always remember this year. Continue reading “Favorite Books of 2016”

Best Covers of 2016

Every day this week I will be going through lists of my favorite, and least favorite, things this year. To start it off I am going through my favorite book covers of 2016. These are the covers that caught my eye and filled my mind with wonder, regardless of what lay inside. As we are The Book Cover Girls, we are judging this based solely on covers, whether or not we liked the book. These covers are not necessarily for books that were released in 2016, but rather, books that I read in 2016. Continue reading “Best Covers of 2016”


A new year is here, may the reading begin!

Every year we set reading goals for ourselves determining the number of books we want to read, this year we are also trying to diversify our reading and so we have made a fun reading challenge as part of our New Years resolutions. There are no rules, nor is it required to go through each of them. This is all in fun (although there will no doubt be a bit of competition between Rosie and I), and  anyone who wants can take up the challenge.

The challenge begins on January 1, 2017, and ends on December 31, 2017, at midnight. Any and every book is acceptable, and everyone is welcome to participate with us.

Let us know if you will be joining us for our 2017 challenge. We really hope that you do. The more the merrier!

(A single book can satisfy more than one challenge. Example: Wuthering Heights, is over 150 years old, as well as a classic)


A book published (at least) 150 years ago

A book published this year (2017)

A book published on the year of your birth

A book over 600 pages

A book under 200 pages

A book you should have read in school (but didn’t)

A book on the bottom of your TBR

A book you own and have not read

A book from the library

A book with a pretty cover

A book with an unappealing cover

A classic

A self-published novel

A book you started but did not finish

The second book in a series

A book that has been/or will be made into a movie

A book that has been/or will be made into a TV show

A children’s book

A banned book

A graphic novel/comic book

A nonfiction book

A book about magic

A book about aliens

A Pulitzer prize winner

A book originally published in a foreign language

A book from your childhood

A book you have already read

A book written by a person of a minority group

A book with a green cover

A book with the word “NIGHT” in the title

Have fun reading!!

T5W – December 21, 2016

Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts


In fiction, we find some of the most interesting items to have ever been imagined. Here we find things such as magic wands and invisible planes and whatnot. Looking at these things we often become envious of the characters who own them, wishing to own them ourselves. Other times we see an item and think of the people in our world whom we would gift them to. These are the fictional items I would give as gifts (and desperately wish I could keep to myself). Continue reading “T5W – December 21, 2016”



By Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

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When reading the synopsis, I got absolutely no vibes of originality. A girl, a boy, a breakup, a war. This is the basic plot line of half the YA books ever written, so I must be honest when I say that I did not expect anything new. I thought I was going into some sappy love story with the same, overused corrupt politics and other such stuff going on in the background. Let me tell you, this was not at all the case.  Continue reading “Illuminae”

We Read YA

Young Adult fiction has become a very popular topic in the past few years, as well as a very controversial one. Some hate it, others love it. Some love to hate it, others hate to love it.

By many, Young Adult is looked down on, thought of as ‘lesser’, or ‘unworthy’. Why is that? Who has dictated what we can and cannot read, what is proper and improper. As an English major, I have seen many people scoff at YA, arguing that the only books worth reading are the 100-year-old classics we are assigned. I have nothing against the classics, in fact, I love them. Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite novels. It is one of those books that they all brag about, with no fear of parading it around in public. What I do not understand is why my other favorites (The Grisha Trilogy, The Iron Fey, Throne of Glass, even Twilight), must be shunned, hidden because they are not ‘high class literature’ as a professor once called them. Continue reading “We Read YA”

Cover Changes Done Right

If anyone is like me, you like having matching covers. I am the type of person who will go out of my way to have matching cover editions and formats (hardcover, paperback, etc.). Whenever a book cover changes its cover design I die a little on the inside as the knowledge that I will not have a matching set settles over me. Other times, such as these, I rejoice because let’s be honest, there are some great books with some seriously hideous covers out there. These are cover changes done right.  Continue reading “Cover Changes Done Right”