By Marissa Meyer


Just when you thought the Levana was evil, Marissa Meyer pulls out this book and shows you that not only is she evil, she’s also kinda psycho.

The thing I likes about this book is that it does not paint Levana as anything other than what she is, an evil queen. Her back story serves as a way of explaining to the reader how Levana came to be, not to excuse or justify her evil acts, and not to make her out to seem like a good guy.

Yes, Levana is the victim of a terrible crime done towards her, by her own sister no less, but this does not give her the right to do what she does. There is so much blood on her hands, even from early on, so much darkness in her heart, so much hatred. Meyers does a great job of showing us a sympathetic villain without taking away from the cruel, vicious nature that so well defines her. I really enjoyed this novel.

Angelica’s review can be found HERE

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