By Marissa Meyer


This, my good people, is how you end a book series. This is how you tie all the plots and subplots together. This is how you write a fairy tale retelling. This is how you simply write a good novel.

So, it has ended. The epic tale that was the Lunar Chronicles has come to its completion and it was amazing, and tragic, and action packed, and amazing!

I know that Angelica liked Cress better than this one, but I absolutely loved Winter (both the book and the character).

This book was a monster of a novel with over 800 pages! I thought it would take me weeks to finish this, yet somehow I flew through this. There was never a dull moment in this book, especially not when Winter was on the scene.

The thing that makes this series so amazing, aside from the great writing and amazing plot, are the incredibly engaging characters. There are so many tight bonds in this squad, so many friendships, and relationship that will never be undone, things that go much deeper than just a typical YA romance. In fact, although there is romance in these novels, they take a back seat to show what is important, and I love it.

What makes this such a masterpiece is the level of detail and attention that each character gets. Every character is different, yet each is important, each contributes to the whole, and each is inspiring in their own way. From the brave and courageous Cinder, the fiery and resilient Scarlet, the gentle and intelligent Cress, and now to the kind and loving Winter, each is remarkable and the way that Marissa Meyer brings them together is like a work of art.

Now enough gushing about the characters and let me tell you about the plot, because boy was it wild. This book takes place on the moon, Queen Levana’s home turf. The crew is ready for action as they take an all risk chance at defeating the queen and keeping her from destroying the Earth in her search for world domination. There are ups, there are downs, there is action and danger and friendship, and everyone should go read this because it will not disappoint.

I am currently in the middle of a book hangover right now. What to do with my life? I am kind of afraid to read Fairest.

Check out Angelica’s review HERE


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