By Marissa Meyer


“She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him.”

~Scarlet – The Lunar Chronicles

This was amazing. Angelica was right, it only does get better as the story goes on. And I finally met Captain Carswell Thorne!

I am starting to truly fall in love with this story and Marissa Meyer’s ability to weave a several stories into one. I will not lie; I was worried that this would fail. I feared that this would not end well and that the stories would not intertwine entirely, one over powering the other, but some way, somehow, it managed to succeed in the most glorious of ways.

Scarlet is by far a more interesting character than Cinder, and her story much more engaging and action packed. Scarlet and Wolf are also a much more interesting couple than Cinder and Kai, their arc was much more intriguing, so much more complicated.

This is a story of Little Red Riding Hood in which little red is a gun carrying badass, and the big bad wolf is a genetically altered super soldier on a mission from the moon. Together they will go on an adventure to save Scarlet’s grandmother, and possibly the entire Earth. All of this while Cinder and Captain Throne make their way across the globe to find the person who knows the secrets of princess Selene, coincidentally being Scarlet’s grandmother.

As the two tales mix together we learn much more of the world in which this is taking place, as well as about the colony on the moon and queen Levana’s evil plan, and trust me, it is evil indeed.

I can’t say much without spoiling the end of Cinder, but trust me, it’s amazing. This book had it all and I cannot wait for Cress, which is Angelica’s favorite. I am so excited right now, I have a major book hangover. I can’t get over this. I have to go read book three right now.

If you haven’t read this series please go do so. It will not disappoint.



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