By Marissa Meyer


One question. Why did I not read this sooner? Angelica has been telling me to read this series for like three years, and every time I push this back, telling myself that I will do it later, yet later never comes. Finally, and thank goodness, Angelica sat me down and forced this book onto my lap.

As you might have guessed, Cinder is yet another Cinderella story. One would think that there is nowhere new to take Cinderella, and yet, this novel comes out with a wholly original story of a cyborg mechanic from the future who is thrust in the middle of a power struggle between the colonists of the Moon and the countries of Earth, all while a deadly virus has been killing the inhabitants of Earth, and she tries to win the heart of a handsome prince. So, basically the farthest thing from Cinderella as one can possibly get.

And you know what? I loved (mostly) every second of it.

When I first went into this, I admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. It was kind of slow, and almost childish. In fact, it was all a bit predictable. The moment they mentioned some mystery or secret, I already knew in my mind what it was by just following the usual story tropes. Still, as the story went on, I found I could not tear myself away from the pages. They had grabbed me under their spell and I fell in love with the story and the characters.

Cinder is strong and fierce, determined, and loyal to a fault. Kai, the handsome prince, is sweet and kind, and there is no insta-love! Queen Levana was wicked to core, no soft, easily beaten villains in this story. Iko was hilarious, and I hear she only gets funnier as the series progresses. I am just here waiting for Thorne to show up, as he is all anyone talks about.

Now, Angelica says that this was her least favorite of the series which, although I loved this, makes me very happy; it means that there is nowhere to go but up. I look forward to reading Scarlet.


Also, let’s take just a quick second to appreciate the beauty of the Spanish edition.


Reviewed by Rosie P.

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