The Midnight Star


By Marie Lu


This series has certainly come a long way for me. When I first read The Young Elites, I was on the side of the minority that was not captivated by the darkness of Marie Lu’s world. Again, when I read The Rose Society, I was left slightly disappointed, although much more impressed, and far more invested in the growing cast of characters and plot. Then came this book, this marvelously cruel conclusion to Adelina’s tale, and I loved every second of it. I did not expect to like it as much as I did.

This is a series filled with layers. There is a dynamic plot that keeps on expanding as the world gets explored, as well as great character development. Through the course of the trilogy, especially this last installment, we see Adelina’s many sides, some good, some bad, some that contradict one another. She makes a great antihero, someone you either hate to love, or love to hate, she is hateful yet sympathetic, cruel yet lovable.

Many are the times in YA in which we get a static plot in which the main problem is presented in book one and we spend the next three books reading about this one issue. I love when books expand their worlds and bring in new things as they progress, and this book did just that, finally giving this series the spark I was looking for.

The best things about this book was that it was fun to read. Yes, that is right, fun. I love Marie Lu’s writing and how she can weave so much darkness and emotion into her words. She has a talent for making her readers feel such intense emotions with subtle, almost unassuming sentences, pulling at your heartstrings like a master puppeteer. She had me tearing up over characters that I did not even know I liked.

I am so glad I gave this series another chance because its ending completely broke my heart.


This was reviewed by Angelica C.  Picture taken by Rosie P.

20 thoughts on “The Midnight Star

      1. Her Legend Trilogy was great, which was what drove me to pick up the Young Elites. Maybe this series is simply not for you, and you will perhaps like her upcoming series Warcross better. I look forward to that also.

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      2. Oh (hi Angelica), I read that she said Cinder was your least favorite of the series. Mine too! I love Scarlett best and the Winter. But i recommend this series to everyone. Definitely a favorite of mine


      3. I don’t know how it works either. It’s instead of and I haven’t figured out how to get the follow button to work either. (Research for today). Anyway, if you are looking at the web version there’s a spot for your email address on the right side. Sort of inconvenient. :/

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